Latam Airlines is a Santiago-originated airline. It is one of the largest airlines in Latin America and it covers over 140 destinations which also include cargo flights. Latam Airlines main headquarter is located in Santiago and it operates via four main airports in South America. A team of highly professional and competitive personnel handles the airline’s core operation. Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic, Chile, Brazil, Sydney, Bueno Aires, Bolivia, Rome, and Boston are some of the major cities that are covered by Latam Airlines.


Latam Airlines Group offers arrival and boarding facilities to give passengers a smooth journey. Passengers can rest at the lounges, separate check-ins for classes are there, a world-class eatery to stuff your stomach, shopping retails, in-flight-entertainment and movies are offered. A travel kit with a blanket and pillow is also given.


  • Premium Business: Cabin seating that reflects luxury that includes authentic hospitality, makes this cabin pleasant and worthy. Seats are incomparably designed and have a privacy feature along with a 180-degree recline, which provides comfort and support for the body and mind. Likewise, the seat can also be shaped into a flatbed which in turn makes passenger nighttime a relaxing experience. USB sockets, AC sockets, dinnerware table, bar table, dedicated multiple meal courses, and drinks are included in the amenities.
  • Premium Economy: The premium economy cabin offers seats that have considerable legroom and provide lumbar support. To provide privacy, middle seats are locked-in. For charging gadgets, seats are fixed with USB sockets along with considerable overhead space for your luggage.
  • Economy: Although, this cabin has the lowest airfare and it can only provide minimum seating and features to its passengers. The seats of this cabin comprise an armrest, a USB socket, and a collapsible tray. Bags, pillows, and blankets services are provided for long-haul flights.


  • Carry-on Baggage: A passenger is allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item. The maximum dimensions of a carry-on bag are 21 x 13 x 9 inches. The maximum weight of carry-on bags for the economy cabin and business cabin is 22 lb and 35 lb respectively. Assistive devices won’t count as personal items.
  • Checked Baggage: Flight route and cabin fare decide checked baggage allowance. The maximum permissible weight for checked bags is 50 lb and the maximum linear dimension permissible is 62 inches.


The loyalty program of Latam Airlines is Latam Pass, where passengers can join to gain miles on every distance they travel and booking they make with the airline and its partner airlines. Earned miles can later be redeemed to upgrade tickets or to book your flight and they only last for 24 months.


  • Airport Check-in: Visit the airport before the departure time and confine all your luggage & immigration details to the airport staff. As airlines confirm all is sound, you will be given your boarding pass.
  • Web Check-in: Due to digitalization, passengers can now check-in without going anywhere. All they need to do is log into Latam airlines' reservation webpage at least 48 hours before departure and submit all the required travel information to the system.
  • App Check-in: For this check-in, you have to have a smartphone installed with Latam airline's official app. Go to the app and do the mandatory check-in.


  • Santiago International Airport
  • Jorge Chávez International Airport
  • Sao Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport
  • El Dorado International Airport


  • Browse through the Latam airlines' webpage, and from there proceed to the booking menu, and enter your voyage details.
  • Journey details like the city of departure and arrival, cabin class, number of passengers, etc. After you’ve filled in all the details, hit the continue button once you have selected all booking filters.
  • Now you are on to the flight page. Choose the flight option that goes well with your travel requirements. Then continue to the itinerary page.
  • Fill in your planner details like name, email id, cabin class, age, gender, passport number, photo id, etc.
  • After that, read all the terms and conditions and continue as per your agreements.
  • Now, enter your payment method and select the type of payment you want to make, and continue accordingly.
  • As you finalize your payment for the flight booking, you will receive a ticket confirmation number along with an itinerary card that will be sent to your provided phone number and email id.