Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Airlines is the main airline that is based in New Zealand. It is a supplier of passenger and cargo flights and it travels to more than 211 destinations. The prime alliance of Air New Zealand is the Star Alliance, which flies to more than 18 different countries and has its bases in Auckland. Christchurch and Wellington, including Auckland, are the 3 main hubs of Air New Zealand and constitute the majority of the departures.


  • Chairs or seats are formed in a way to provide comfort. The Air New Zealand network of airline lounges has everything from workspace to space for you to rest and relax and it even has a food court.
  • The airline AVOD system, KIA ORA, is available for all classes boarding the international flights. From cabin to cabin, the size of the entertainment varies.
  • The AVOD screens are guzzled with content like movies, tv shows, cultural movies, Asian dramas, and music.
  • The food department is headed by culinary experts. The quality and quantity vary from cabin to cabin.


  • Business Premier: This cabin has 22 inches wider seats, with an attached ottoman, they all can be transformed into a fully lie-flat bed. Entertainment screens are provided on all seats and chambers. Food for three times a day, along with snacks and beverages are all included in the flight tickets.
  • Premium Economy: It is an upgraded economy cabin that provides comfort. The cabin has the following equipment/services: in-seat power, mood lights, dining, wining, and relaxed seats.
  • Economy: This cabin is available on all aircraft, with different shapes and sizes as per the aircraft. The comfort station lavatories include an avod screen, a 6-inch recline, and an edge seat base for more legroom.
  • Economy SkyCouch: It provides services for short routes and flights that are of 6-hour duration.


  • Hand Luggage: The economy passenger can carry one hand luggage of size 7 kg and one personal item, and the business/economy/Airpoints Gold and tier members can board flights with 2 hand luggage weighing a total weight of 14 kg and one personal item. The total dimensions for the hand luggage must not exceed 118 cm.
  • Checked Luggage: It is determined by your cabin fare, the route is taken, and cabin class. Varied policies are placed for domestic and international routes.


Air New Zealand offers its frequent flyer members a loyalty program called Airpoints and from this program, members can earn two kinds of points namely Airpoints Dollars and Status Points. The Airport Dollars can be used for redeeming tickets, no matter the price, lounge access, hotel stay, and car booking. And status points are used for reaching newer levels and they have three different levels Silver, Gold, and Gold Elite.


  • Online check-in: Passengers can check in online on the airline’s webpage by entering their boarding details and then they will be able to generate their boarding pass without standing and waiting in the long queues.
  • Mobile check-in: Mobile phones can make an online check-in by visiting the Air New Zealand official app. After this, passengers can download the boarding pass.
  • Airport Self check-in Kiosk: at the ticket desk at the airport, you can find this check-in option. You can make this option accessible by approaching any airline staff and providing them with your ticket details.


  • Auckland
  • Wellington


  • Enter the Air New Zealand reservation webpage on your computer, android, or iOS.
  • Go to the top of the landing page, right there a book form will be given, enter your voyage details such as departure, arrival, date, time, one-way, round trip, number of passengers, and cabin class, and then click the continue button.
  • Now you are on the flights' page, you will see a rundown of several flight options.
  • Select the flight deal that suits your needs most and then continue to the itinerary page. On the itinerary page, you will find details such as name, passport number, date of birth, identification data, gender, phone number, fax number, email id, and so forth.
  • Now make the payment via the given payment mode option and the booking details will be communicated to you via mobile number and email id.