Air France

Air France Airlines is an aviation company based in France, that serves all sections of the society and it is a believer in dynamic and robust aviation policies leading passengers towards systematic and contend flight experiences. The armada of Air France consists of all Airbus and Boeing fleets and has 214 air carriers to support its cargo and passenger flight operations. It is a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM group and operates in unison with KLM airlines for the correlating fight operations. Further, the Air France airline group owns 3 subsidiaries that handle separate segments of aviation operations. Air France flew to atleast 214 destinations with 36 destinations serving in France and 175 destinations in other 78 countries. Code Share agreement, Sky Team Cargo, and Sky Team are the partnered alliances of Air France and use those agreements to run their operations to further destinations and countries


The services of Air France are very commendable and dignified, from airport utilities to flight services Air France is able and apt. Its in-flight catering has profuse and sumptuous meal & dine-in options that is headed by an expert team of French chefs who previously worked in designated restaurants. Along with others, the airline provides an AVOD system on all flights and all sorts of other entertainment sources. Le Salon is another notable feature of the air France airline and is serviceable to Air France lounges. List of Air France in-flight amenities:

  • The food department is handled by the chefs who worked in Michelin three-star restaurant and the menu includes entrees, cheeses, bread basket, dedicated three meal courses, beverages, alcoholic beverages, and France famous dessert and pastries.
  • The Air France in-flight entertainment system comprises magazines, newspapers, publications, fashion magazines, music streaming, selected films available in 4 languages, tv shows, and games.
  • Wi-fi, an ac power outlet, USB port, mood lightings, amenity kit, etc. Wi-fi services can be used in smartphones, laptops, or tablets.
  • Pillow, blanket, and night suit are provided in case you are traveling a long route.
  • There are 530 Air France lounges along with 300 Sky Team lounges available at all domestic and international airports.


Flying Blue is a frequent flyer program used by both Air France and KLM airlines. Members of this program can earn or accrue points based on the miles or dollars spend on the flight ticket booking and other associated services with the Air France airline. For instance, the members can accrue points if they have done shopping on the authorized stores of Air France, rented a place, or car from Air France business store chain. The program is divided into the following tiers: Standard, Elite, and Elite Plus. Flying blue standard (explorer) tier comes with the least benefits and requires minimum points to enter into the program, then ascending into the order comes Elite and Elite plus both require maximum points to upgrade your tier further and has better benefits.


  • La Premiere: Air France La Premiere is a long-haul route product and is provided on selected flights. Experience-wise, the La Premiere offers the most opulent quality and ensure passenger has a memorable time being in the Air France first-class product. This first-class cabin features recline 180-degree seats, a privacy divider, direct aisle access, auto massage mechanics, a storage compartment, a PTV, charging ports, and reading lights. 10.4 touchscreen personal television is attached to every seat and offers programs such as interacting games, AVOD, music streaming, etc. A travel kit is presented to all passengers to take care of all nagging needs of the passenger along with a personalized coat and duvet amenities. Food services say dedicated on-demand meal options infused with expert chef expertise and fresh supplies.
  • Business: The business cabin is provided on all long haul aircraft and comes descending in quality just next to the la premiere class. Its seats are lie-flat convertible and give direct aisle access, along with there is a reading light, personal telephone, AVOD, and laptop charging ports. The meal divulges to menu option of three dedicated meal courses and cheeses service. Passengers onboarding the short-haul or medium-haul flights are served with an express menu. Duvet along with pillow and blanket is also there.
  • Premium Economy: It is also a long-haul flight product and is given on selected flights. The cabin component is dedicated and ornated with modern-day design. Cabin seats have a 123-degree recline, adjustable headrest, a PTV, lamplight, charging ports, and ample legroom space. For entertainment sorts, passengers are provided Sennheiser headphones and AVOD. Passengers are served enhanced meals and for instance, given a second hot meal or ice cream when boarding the long route flight.
  • Economy: Air France's economy cabin is the least luxurious out of all but gives out a relaxing experience. This cabin does the job of commuting passengers from one spot to another easily. Seats are reclined up to 118-degree and have ergonomics like the armrest, legroom, adjustable headrest, and cushioned seats. Each seat is attached with a PTV offering AVOD and for better space book seats in upper rows. A choice of two meals is served on long haul flights, snacks are provided on short-haul routes and for medium-haul flights, the passenger is given three cold meal courses.


  • Carry-on baggage allowance: Passengers are allowed one carry-on bag size of 55 x 35 x 25cm and a personal item up to the size of 40 x 30 x 15 cm. The total weight of both items should not exceed 26.4 lbs. For long haul premium economy, business, and la premiere class, two items of the bag along with one personal item are allowed not exceeding 39.7 lbs.
  • Carry-on musical instruments: Music instruments smaller than 115cm can be brought on a plane as a part of the luggage. The large ones require approval from the airline and will be charged extra. The maximum weight is 101lbs.
  • Infant luggage policy: Infants traveling with adults are permissible luggage up to the size of 55 x 35 x 25 cm and not weighing more than 26.4lbs.
  • Checked baggage allowance: Passengers are allowed 1 checked bag of size 50.7lbs for the economy cabin, 2 checked bags of size 70.5lbs for premium economy cabin, 2 checked bags of size 70.5lbs and 3 checked bags of size 70.5 lbs for la premiere cabin. The luggage size of each cabin does not exceed 158 cm (L+W+H)


The airline works with two kinds of registration alternatives for travelers Online and Offline

  • Online registration opens 24 hours before the flight takeoff time. You need to visit the authority site of the aircraft to avail of online registration. You can likewise actually look at your bag during online registration. You can print the ticket once the registration is finished.
  • Sometimes like an unaccompanied minor, special assisted passengers, travelers carrying guns, or any specialized issues, you will be unable to register online. In the present circumstance, you need to go to the air terminal registration work area. To avoid the line at the registration desk, you can benefit from the registration booth also.


  • Paris–Charles de Gaulle
  • Paris–Orly


  • Head to the official website or simply visit for problem-free ticket booking.
  • On the front page, you will see the find flights option, enter the particulars such as destination, the dates for the booking required, number of travelers, and travel class, and afterward press search.
  • With Vulosv you can likewise do a progressed search by best passage, refundable fare, special offers, and earned miles.
  • On the next page, you will discover a list of flights that fit the dates you are traveling, pick the best one to your liking.
  • Afterward, you will be diverted to the itinerary page where you need to fill in traveler subtleties, such as names, date of birth, telephone number, email id, identification subtleties, and so on
  • In the wake of topping off the subtleties, submit and go to the following page for payment set-up.
  • On the payment page, pick the method of your payment for the tickets
  • After payment is made, you will get an email affirming your booking alongside a reference number on your enlisted email id or telephone number through message.